December 4, 2020

Mid-morning, Thomas mentioned the snow was quite heavy.  So I told Marlon it was time to play in the snow. I started splitting kindling and he made a big snowball.  He was going to make a snowman but by the time I helped him to move a big ball as far as he wanted (no small task pushing it), he just enjoyed shaping and climbing on it.  

He got computer time and I made lunch.  Later in the afternoon, we got notification a package had arrived. We went looking for it.  Our mail carrier, Jody, had already dropped something off, so Marlon and I went for a walk.  Not at our landlord's main door.  We went to the mailbox.  No, it wasn't there.  We did find it at another entrance to our landlord's house.  After this Marlon was tired and needed a rest.  He was a lower energy today.  He did get minecraft time with friends, had supper, we made more chocolate (with the cacao butter that was delivered today), and we played a game of euchre.  This time Thomas and I beat Marlon and Linsy.  Marlon was not feeling great at bedtime but hopefully, a good night's sleep is ahead…

Apparently, this guy has rabbit ears.  I just realized they are floppy and that is why they are square on top...


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