December 3, 2020

 This morning Marlon read, he drew, he played on his phone.  And then he was bored.  He still had to wait a while before he could get computer time.  So I enlisted his help to tidy up his space.  A bit at a time.  Unfortunately, I don't think we are getting rid of enough stuff.  Still too much.

He had to take nails out of wood and that was a job that challenged him.  He did it though.  He had some computer time and then went out in the woods with Thomas.  A lot of the ash trees are dying, so it looks like several will become firewood.

In the afternoon, Marlon had a dentist appointment.  He needs work done.  Unfortunately, he needs a lot of work done.  Today was a checkup.  Next, we have to check with the doctor for her to give Marlon the go-ahead to have dental work.  That depends on his blood counts.  I was all set to pay for today's appointment.  Knowing what is coming, I was expecting the whole process could be quite pricey.  We were told today's bill would be covered.  His whole treatment will be covered.  Shock.  Tears.  How does this happen?  How is it there are so many kind people out there?  How can I justify this to myself?  Are we deserving?  Just everyday people dealing with a hard diagnosis.  So grateful.  So overwhelmed. So humbled.

We got home and Linsy was in cleaning mode.  She cleaned, and swept, and vacuumed.  I am so grateful.  Marion was on the computer and Linsy shifted him when needed and vacuumed around him.  Before supper, we went for a short walk outside.  A beautiful night.  

Marlon did this drawing this morning and he said everything except his legs are too big.  I said he could do another, differently proportioned drawing, and he said no. He is too big, and meant to be that way.  He will look into different feet…

Makes me smile!  So blessed!  So much beauty in the world.


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