December 29, 2020

Two early morning phone calls today.  I ignored the first but answered the second.  I knew what it was going to be.  My visa card was compromised.  Ya right!  I wonder.  'oh here, let me tell you all the information about my two visa cards so you can help me out.'. But so frustrating.  At least it has been about a week since the last call.  There was a week, where we had one a day, always early.  This morning was a bit hectic, as Paco slept in, and was rushing around to get to work.  Since he didn't have enough time to walk, he was going to drive but the car door was frozen. We got it open and he made it to work on time.

Some people need their morning coffee, Marlon needs his morning minecraft.  I did manage to get some food into him first but he is extra grumpy until he has had some time.

Linsy and I went into Guelph and Marlon stayed home with Thomas.  When we got home, Linsy went over to meet the puppy.  Marlon went with her and I stayed back.  When I went over, they were heading back, but a different way so we missed each other. I said hi but by the time I got home, Marlon was pretty upset because the door was locked and he wasn't able to get in.  They didn't know where I was.  This evening, we got some things together for our morning visit to the hospital.  He doesn't need to be admitted until evening but has to go in via the clinic and they aren't open in the afternoon.  Ho hum, back again.


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