December 28, 2020

The big highlight of today was meeting our landlady's new puppy.  So nice to hang with a young one.  Shortly after our visit, Marlon was ready to go back again and I was saying we'll end up hanging out on their doorstep waiting for a chance to see the puppy.  So sweet.

Otherwise, we did spend some time outside and Marlon made a small snowman.  He said it is snowball packing snow, but not so good for snowmen.  This evening with Paco and Linsy in the front seat, and Marlon and I in the back, we drove to Georgetown to see some Christmas lights.

I like the way the lighting turned out.

The first place we went to was

Though nothing else had the fancy music and performance, there were still some wonderful decorations.  Amazing the work and effort that goes into these projects.


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