December 26,2020

Minecraft and books and other things here and there.  Marlon made a paper airplane with a new kit he got and was impressed with it.  He has made many airplanes and this one was different enough to be impressive.  Paco and I worked in the woods with a tree he and his dad cut down yesterday.  I feel my muscles.  Kind of a nice soreness, unlike Marlon's muscle pain.  Once again, last week's experience has strengthened my confidence in Marlon's complete healing.  Perhaps a bumpy road but all of our journeys have plenty of bumps along the way.

Marlon was in pretty good spirits all day, until after he had a hot chocolate this evening.  Until that time, he had a very minor sick feeling that came and went.  After the drink, he felt very bad.  Maybe not the best thing for him right now.

The other day Thomas pointed out to us a piece of wood that Paco had tried to split.  He managed to get four wedges jammed into it and still the wood didn't split.  Tough stuff.


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