December 24, 2020

Glad to be home for Christmas.  Glad we are healthy, all things considered.  So much to be grateful for.

My sister Olivia stopped by today with some Christmas presents and Jamey's mashed potatoes.  For both Thanksgiving and New year's day, Marlon looks forward to uncle Jamey's potatoes.  Marlon's special present for dinner tonight.

We had another friend also stop by bringing crafts and gifts from her kids.  Really we have already been so blessed with so many kind gestures and gifts.  It is all a little overwhelming.  As I said, so much to be grateful for.

Marlon was able to walk to the mailbox today.  Wonderful how fast the pain has healed.  He still feels it, but not that gripping, uncontrollable pain.

This evening, we had a family zoom call.  Some discussion of the last time they were at home for Christmas.  My sister Moira, who has lived in Montreal for decades, figures she has never spent Christmas at home.  For my sister Olivia and her family, it is 19 years since they were at home for the 25th.  And I wonder how many families all across the country are dealing with the separation of this particular season.  Grateful again, to have the five of us here.

Marlon's tin foil reindeer

This morning he slept until after 10 (results of having very little sleep the previous night), and now it will be after 11 by the time he falls asleep.

Merry Christmas!


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