December 22, 2020

An early day for hospital visit.  Marlon was grumpy to wake up.  Hospital, finger poke, all good, home…

Marlon climbs the stairs into the porch, sits down in the chair, and starts complaining.  His lungs really hurt.  The bottom of his ribs and it hurts to breathe.  He is crying and sweating from the pain.  So uncomfortable.  

'Every time I take a breath my stomach explodes. It reincarnates and then explodes again!'

I call hospital and, while waiting for a callback, we keep trying to make him comfortable.  Finally, he calms down, lying on his left side,

Once the pain is gone, he had breakfast and went on the computer.  Since he was playing with friends, I let him stay on longer than I normally would have.  

Around 4, we walk to the mailbox, and Marlon said it hurts.  It hurts to breathe.  His abdomen hurts.  We get back to the house and he is in extreme pain.  It hurts to breathe and he is practically hyperventilating.  Again, I call the hospital, but by the time things had been going on like this for over an hour, I am preparing to go to emerg.  When Paco gets home from work after 6 he will drive us.  The doctor finally called back and agrees for Marlon to go to emerg.  Walking to the car, the abdomen/lung pain eases up but his shoulder really hurts.  He almost sleeps in car, but walking into emerg the pain comes back with a vengeance.  One in emerg, they do testing.  It is now 1030, he has been accessed, had blood work, urine sample, chest x-ray and we wait and see.  While lying calm, he is fine as long as he doesn't breathe deeply.  Walking to x-ray was very painful and uncomfortable.  I still don't know if we will be going home tonight or not…

Trying to relax


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