December 21, 2020

I see that, for the most part, Marlon doesn't need me around as much.  He is content to do his own thing and listen to or read books or go on the computer.  When he is feeling well anyway.  This morning, Linsy had a dentist appointment, so I left Marlon at home, dropped Linsy off, and went to the post office.  While there I saw my friend Kim, and we walked for a while.  So nice to do something out of the blue and different.  While we were gone, Marlon was on the computer.  In the afternoon, Linsy and I went to Guelph together.  Marlon went outside with his dad (didn't stay out too long), did school, and of course, when I came home he was on the computer.

Paco, Marlon, and I went together to pick Linsy up from work this evening.  Paco drove and, all wearing our Christmas hats, we followed a route around town looking at Christmas lights and drinking hot chocolate.   Pretty impressive displays.  A nice way to end the day.


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