December 19, 2020

 Marlon didn't wake up as much in the night and didn't sleep in as much in the morning.  When he woke up he was gagging.  There was an irritation at the back of his throat and he has a sensitive gag reflex.  One of the side effects of this chemo can be mouth sores.  He gagged a bit and did eventually throw up this morning due in big part to the irritation.  He did eat a small breakfast afterward.  No more diarrhea.

Because of the diarrhea, they have to send a sample off for testing.  While waiting on a test result, Marlon is in isolation.  That means he can't use the washroom, and I can't use the kitchen.  By midday yesterday, we got ½ the results back.  By the time we left today, we still hadn't heard the second half.  Marlon uses the commode in the room but luckily I am still allowed to use the washroom. This morning, the nurse brought us water.  Four styrofoam cups with four straws.  I bring my own mugs and cups so we can reuse.  When I wanted my tea, it was another styrofoam cup.  At least this nurse was willing to only use one and fill it twice to fill up my mug.  I am grateful we normally have access to the kitchen area.

Marlon's blood levels reacted as they should to the second part of the treatment and by 6 today we were able to leave.  Before that, we mostly just hung out.  Marlon was on the laptop a fair bit but did read and draw as well. The worst and best part of leaving is being de-accessed.  The nurse said she was going to drip in this last medication and then he would be de-accessed.  He was very upset waiting for it to happen and got himself worked up.  He is so anxious to have it over and done with, and be free of attachments. Having the time beforehand, he frets more about the discomfort of the process.

Louise picked us up.  The roads were a bit messy but Louise is a good driver.  Nice to be back home.  We played a card game with Paco and Thomas.  Marlon is so much better being at home.


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