December 15, 2020

As wonderful as it is to have this break from chemo, I feel it would have been nice to know it would last so long.  I could have gone back to work for a few weeks.  I feel I could have used this time more wisely.  Perhaps it sounds as if I am complaining. Far from it, it is good.  But I ask myself, what have I accomplished! Not as much as I could have, and yet I see how much I have to be grateful for. I am so grateful.  I feel the heat in the house, the pinging of the woodstove.  I look over and see Paco and Linsy quietly doing their own thing.  Comfort.

Marlon and I packed up some of the chocolates we made.  No easy task to organize and tell them apart.  Just not organized enough.  We tried, and hopefully succeeded.  Fun, fun.

Marlon didn't want to be outside in the cold too much today. Hopefully, he will get used to it, and we can convince him to be out more.

Two heads, one hat


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