December 14, 2020

Good thing I didn't get too worked up about the possibilities of this week's hospital appointments.  Continued days of freedom.

Linsy had a dentist appointment this morning.  By midday, when I still hadn't heard from the hospital about tomorrow, I messaged nurse Judy.  She didn't know, she emailed the doctor.  Later in the afternoon, I heard they still don't know what is happening and what to expect.  Maybe Wednesday or Thursday or Friday…  Something, someday.

We haven't had a Tuesday at home in a long time.  

The way Marlon is bouncing around, energetic, full of life and mischief, it has hard to believe he is anything other than a completely healthy, young boy.


Gita Baack said…
So happy to hear this.
Continuous healing thoughts go out to Marlon.

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