December 13, 2020

Both Paco and Linsy were off at work today.  Marlon was on the computer and then started working on a craft, while listening to a new audiobook.  We made a batch of chocolate.  Thomas, Marlon, and I went outside.  The boys shot their slingshots, while I carried wood out of the woods.  Nice to traipse through the woods.  

After lunch, Marlon and I made more chocolates.  

Skor bits, mint, and plain.

Marlon went back on the computer, and when Paco came home, we carried wood to the steps.  Marlon finished his craft in the evening.  Thanks Diana.

Looks like Marlon's broken mug was from a 1976 promotion (McD's I think).  So now a collector's item.  Maybe not worth $20 for one or $50 for a set of 4.  I looked to see if I could find a glass mug to potentially become a new favourite and didn't find the right one.  He likes glass mugs with a handle rather than ceramic ones.  Maybe I just get him an emoji mug and see if that works…


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