December 11, 2020

A peaceful, quiet, non-descript kind of day.  Marlon read, and listened and drew, and hung out on the computer.  He was in pretty good spirits.  Sometimes though, he is plain rude and snappy with me.  I feel he is trying to prove something.  I don't quite know how to react.  I suppose I should say more than I do.  Rudeness because he is sick or uncomfortable or in pain is more acceptable.  Being rude just because, is not ok.  Now I must clarify this is not a regular, constant thing. And not really worse than teenagers can be.

This afternoon, we drove Thomas to pick up the car (they were in for service and tire switching today).  Marlon wanted to make an extra stop while we were out, so he ran into the health food store to get a decently healthy snack bar that he enjoys.  I stayed in the car and he was happy to do something a little extra.  Though she knows Marlon, I am not sure if Louisa, the owner of the store, recognized him.  So much more anonymity with masks.

No games this evening.  We watched a couple of music videos.  He listened to the song One Week by the Barenaked Ladies many times and was so impressed by the lyrics and the speed so we watched some BNL.

He was feeling quite sick for a while.  Not sure why, but luckily it didn't last too long and he was back to normal.

There had been the chance we would hear from the hospital today.  We did not, so that means that Monday is likely another home day.  Yay!

Marlon said the wings are inspired by the movie Maleficent.


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