Decednber 2, 2020

 Marlon's reactions to the treatments are getting better.  I suppose he is more comfortable with the routine.  He is physically stronger and the discomfort isn't as debilitating as it was.  He has had the bone marrow treatment, that he had yesterday, two other times before.  Both of those times, there was much discomfort for days afterwards.  And he made it known.  Today if I asked, he said he could feel it, but it wasn't the focus.  He is more active.

Midday we went to the dollar store to get a couple of things.  We walked to the mailbox but this time didn't play in the snow.  Not great packing snow.  We made more chocolate. He had computer time with friends.  Just a 'normal' day.  I sure can't complain about those.

Paco is hiding but he spent the day completing a big project he has been working on for one of his classes.  Marlon is connected with friends, and Linsy just finishing up the day's school work.


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