November 9, 2020

Unfortunately, Marlon did not have a great night.  I spent some time with him and he moaned, saying it was the longest night, his nose wouldn't stop running.  Eventually, he did sleep but didn't sleep in as I had hoped he might.  The days run into each other, I don't remember if he threw up this morning.  It has become such an everyday event.  If he didn't, he sure felt like he was going to.  He uses the computer as distraction.  Playing Minecraft.

I helped Thomas outside for a bit and then we were going for a walk in the woods so I got Marlon to join us.  Something he has always liked.  He is leading the way back and all of a sudden he squawks and jumps back.  A garter snake slithered past him and he was scared.  Took a while for Marlon to stop crying, and be able to go back, even then he was very upset.

In the afternoon he had more minecraft time, some with friends.  Otherwise today he spent more time reading books rather than listening.  I am glad for that.

I am getting tired of him asking for food and not eating it.  Today it was nachos for lunch.  No, no good.

For supper, I decided to make chicken noodle soup.  Some of the veggies prepped and ready, the white on top is chopped garlic.

Almost ready

He did eat some but didn't really enjoy it.

Another breakdown at the end of the night with lots of tears.  He is feeling sick from the chemo, sick from the cold, and still traumatized from the snake.  Thomas and I sat with him, gave him rescue remedy.  He got ready for bed but made sure to walk up and down the stairs.

Took Linsy to skating and standing here remembering I forgot to give him his nighttime chemo drug.  Earlier today as I was doing something else I said I need to put a reminder on my phone, to put a reminder on my phone, to remember this med.  Forgot to put reminder and forgot the med.  Argh!!


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