November 4, 2020

The effects of the LP and the chemo so far this week are showing up.  Marlon had next to no appetite today.  And several times was so very nauseous he was almost in tears.  Feeling horrible. And still two more chemo days this week.  

We were home from the hospital by 11 this morning.  Marlon just rested with his book.  I went outside, took advantage of the nice weather, and split kindling.  So grateful we have the heat of the woodstove when the days are cold.  I went in and out quite regularly, checking in on Marlon.  I convinced him to come outside and we hung out and walked to the road to check for mail.  He was chatty and fine for the walk.  He still walks weird, sometimes more than others. Almost as if he is avoiding bending his knees and flexing his ankles.  By the time we came back, he needed to rest again.

He came very close to throwing up several times but never did.  Hopefully he will feel ok tomorrow.  

Mojo, the cat, always wants Linsy's chair.  Sometimes she will run to the kitchen to grab something but as soon as she gets back he is in her chair.  Sometimes they share.  Today I saw him sitting in the chair near Linsy's, looking like he was in jail.

A short while later Linsy stood up and the cat practically lunged for her chair.  He got what he wanted.


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