November 29, 2020

 A beautiful November day today.  Yesterday when driving past a hiking trail in Guelph, the road nearby was full of overflow from the parking lot.  Cars on both sides of the street.  People out enjoying the day.  Though I didn't go down that road today, I imagine it was the same.

I drove Linsy to work this morning.  She had hoped to have her license by this time but another casualty of the times.  She completed in-class driver's education in March, right before shut down.  In-car is only just happening now.

One thing I was doing today was sorting some pictures and uploaded a couple of videos.  Here is one of Linsy's skating.

Marlon had a pretty good day.  I don't really know what happened to the morning.  I think part of it is that he has started listening to an audiobook.  He zones out a lot more.

Paco and I drove to a neighbour's down the road, to collect some more gravel.  Our laneway gets pretty muddy when it is wet.  Filled up several buckets.  While we were doing that Marlon was hanging out with Thomas.  He came with us for the second gravel trip.  It will help to have more for the wet weather ahead.

When we got inside, he got on the computer, playing Minecraft with friends again.  He is getting hooked up with more friends as well.  It could become a full-time thing!!  Nice to be able to hang out with others virtually, but it can easily become too much time on the computer.

Though Marlon wasn't very positive at first, about the class he did yesterday, he did learn and have fun.  He is proud of his 'stuff' ornament and said he'd like to do more.  We'll see.

The other day I asked Marlon if he thought he might grow his hair again.  He doesn't think he will.  He has experienced the ease of short hair (or more like next to none as it is now), and is not too keen to go back to the care required for long.

Here is a video from a couple of years ago when I 'shot' him

The day's drawing


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