November 27, 2020

A home day and a good one.  Linsy had a PD day today, so Marlon jumped on the computer after breakfast.  Marlon uses Linsy's school computer for minecraft.

I got him to come outside with me midday.  He doesn't want to help out.  Nothing new.  He has not been a willing helper for chores of any sort.  I split kindling and then wood.  Marlon hung out, playing with his whip.  Then he came inside and finished the craft he started on last night.  Lanterns.

We took these pictures this evening in the dark.

I was outside longer than him and then I remembered we were to walk to our neighbours, so I got Marlon and we walked to the road.  Picked up the soup she had made and was sharing with us.  The dog across the street was trying to follow another dog walking down the road with his owner.  Marlon and I got the dog to follow us back onto his property and away from the road.  

After lunch, we walked to the road again.  Marlon's friend, Damon, and his mom dropped by with a package and we hung out for a bit.  They were waiting for us at the road, so Marlon ran for a bit but has very little stamina.  At least it gets easier all the time. The package was Damon's way of doing a virtual book club for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Marlon has seen the movie, listened to the book and this evening got a fair way along reading it too.

Linsy and I went out and split more wood this afternoon.

Black Friday 'Maul' Queen:

Another positive day!



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