November 26, 2020

I am reminded, it is a good thing Marlon is feeling bored again.  Remembering all those times, the days passed, and he didn't do much or move much.  Maybe listening, but couldn't concentrate to read.

This morning he drew some, read some and was bored.  Wanted computer time.  Antsy.  He does have things that need tidying so we did some of that together and he did get computer time.

We went out after lunch.  He hung out with a friend while I ran some errands.  They did various things, including playing ping pong.  He can do that, the movement, the mobility…

In the evening Marlon started working on his next kiwico kit.  A science-based craft he gets every month. A few times he got frustrated to tears.  I suggested he wait until morning to finish.

Marlon came with me to pick Linsy up from skating, and we took a slow drive home to admire Christmas lights.

And again, when he is climbing under the covers at bedtime I remember two months ago, and what an effort it was to move to get into bed.  So much to be grateful for.

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