November 25, 2020

Today was a home day for Marlon.  Quiet and peaceful.  Reading and computer time.  Midday Linsy and I went out for our own pokes.  Blood tests from our doctor's appointment.  We are all well.

Linsy worked the evening and skating later so the day was more about driving here and there.

Paco was up late last night preparing for a presentation.  It was 430 by the time he finally went to bed this morning and up again at 8 this morning.  I heard it, but luckily, Marlon's sleeping is good and not easily disturbed.

We did go out for a while in the afternoon.  Played catch with snowballs.

Paco took time out this evening to play a game of euchre.  Thomas and I won against he and Marlon.

When Marlon got into bed, just as I was leaving to take Linsy skating, he was feeling very bad and nauseous.  He didn't throw up but still not feeling great.  Would be nice to see him have a day completely free of nausea, and with a strong appetite. 

Moira was asking about his mobility.  It is much better and improving all the time.  We noticed it especially walking the halls at the hospital.  At first, his gait was very stiff with little movement of the ankles and knees.  His shoes made a loud slapping noise with each step.  He is able to control that more and his movement is much more natural now.  Every week his steps are a little quieter.


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