November 23, 2020

 A much better day today all round.  Marlon had Keagan come for a visit and was able to give him his birthday present.  They play together online and now have matching headphones.  Our families are both careful who we hang out with, and Keagan is one of the few.  They have always been good friends.  Not a long visit but just perfect and by the time they were leaving Marlon needed a rest.  Marlon did get to hang out with K online later in the day via minecraft, both wearing their new headphones.

In the afternoon Marlon and I went outside.  He had made a couple of small snowmen earlier while waiting for Keagan to arrive.  We walked to the mailbox, threw snowballs, played in snow drifts, and traipsed around.  Marlon had a lot of fun doing that.  He enjoys cooler weather and the snow.

Today he enjoyed lunch, got the supper he wanted, and felt so much better.  No feeling sick later in the evening (I got the pill into him a bit earlier).  A quiet evening here tonight, with the older two doing school work, and Marlon reading.

Ready to see what the hospital visit brings tomorrow…


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