November 22, 2020

 What a lot of snow!! No news to anyone this part of the country.  And I am horrified to think Marlon didn't go outside at all today.  I didn't go out until later in the day to clear snow.  Lots of photos out there of great snowpeople but we will not be adding one.  A few times today, Marlon said it was not a good day.  Nothing in particular but just one of those days.  He wanted one thing for supper, and I made another.  He just felt off.  Just finishing supper, and he started to feel nauseous.  I keep hoping to be able to hold off the vomit, and yet I know, when we get to that point, it is too late.  Sure enough, it looked like none of the day's food was digested or stayed down.  An off day!  While he is only taking two pills a day, I realize the timing is important.  One pill he used to take in the morning but we moved it to the evening to help with the morning sickness but I think it should be early evening.  Still learning.

Before bed, we played euchre again.  This time it was Marlon/Thomas against Linsy/Shera.  The boys didn't stand a chance.

One thing I did earlier in the day was look at old pictures and videos.  Good for a laugh.  And so much cuteness.  Marlon looked over my shoulder ever so often, but wasn't too interested.  I was looking for a particular group of videos, which I didn't find.  Also disappointed to confirm that the audio from a lot of our videos is off, disjointed, and might last 15 seconds for a 1-minute video.  It seemed like a good video camera at the time but I guess it wasn't.

Marlon has been looking forward to seeing a friend tomorrow.  I hope it works out.


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