November 20, 2020

Another quiet day.  Occasional nausea but overall pretty good.  A present we bought for Marlon's friend's birthday arrived so he had fun wrapping it.  We went outside a few times.  Marlon was playing with sticks.  I was happy to see that.  It has been a while and he likes his sticks.  I remember a few years ago Marlon came in the house crying big tears, very upset.  He broke one of his sticks.  Ever since he could walk, he has had a stash.  Appreciating different uses and shapes.  This particular stick was well-weighted and balanced.  He ended up getting a replacement but still missed 'that' stick.  Today he was going to show me a trick he was doing with two sticks, but one of them broke, so it didn't work. He wasn't very upset.

In the afternoon we went for a walk together.  Otherwise he had computer time, read, and just hung out.  He and I played a game together and wanted to play cards but couldn't get others involved.


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