November 19, 2020

 We got on the road nice and early this morning.  The sunrise was an amazing colour!

Went for finger poke, and before they accessed him, they waited for the blood results.  Whadya know!?!  They weren't high enough.  The other day his platelets weren't high enough at 43 when the minimum is 50.  Marlon had the blood transfusion instead of the procedure.  His neutrophil counts were high enough on Tuesday at .7. Today his platelet level was high enough at 80 but his neutrophils were .2 which is too low.  So basically, they said have a good weekend, come back Tuesday, and the procedure will be done then.  It has to be done by day 42 of the second stage of induction and Tuesday is day 42.  

We got home shortly after 10 this morning.  Hard to make plans. So many changes.  So much uncertainty!

Other than being tired Marlon was in a pretty good space today.  Same kind of day with reading, computer time, and other things.  I ran some errands and he went for a walk.  

Once in bed at the end of the day, he started to feel quite sick and nauseous.  Luckily, he did not throw up, and, eventually, fell asleep.  We have no particular plans for the next 4 days but will appreciate the break from the hospital.


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