November 18, 2020

 November 18, 2020

No morning sickness today.  Marlon woke up feeling ok, and was ready for breakfast.  Overall, an uneventful day.  Some reading, some computer time, schoolwork, talking, and crafting…

He finished making his rocket launcher.  At one point he got frustrated, started whining at me, and I whined right back.  Afterward, I felt embarrassed at my childish reaction.  Short fuse.  Both Thomas and I took turns helping, and he got it done.  Works pretty good.  This is a link to the rocket in action

In the afternoon I took a drive to the dump, and Marlon joined friends on minecraft.  This evening he got his early Christmas present (wrapped in proper Xmas paper).

Proper headphones with a microphone.  Whenever he joined others online, he was taking Paco's or Linsy's earbuds.  He didn't like the buds, and they didn't like the extra ear wax!

Marlon didn't eat a huge amount today but he did eat his meals and eating felt ok.

Ready for another hospital visit bright and early.


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