November 15, 2020


For about a month I have been giving Marlon 6MP, a chemo, at home every night.  I was thinking that is why he woke up feeling nauseous in the mornings.  He hasn't had that chemo for a few days but is still waking up feeling sick.  Marlon had been up and in his chair for about ½ an hour this morning before he threw up.  Then a while after that he was able to eat breakfast and enter into the day.  Still congested from his cold.  It is holding on but he has no fever so I trust this body will eventually shake it.  I assume his lowered immune system takes longer to overcome these things.

He finished the book he has been listening to.  Book 2 of the Dark Materials series, by Philip Pullman, The Subtle Knife.  Slightly awkward time when the book is over.  What to do next?!  He drew a bit, and was about to start on a rocket launcher project when he got into playing Minecraft with friends online.  This went on for a couple of hours.  A long time but on a rainy, stormy day like today it seemed just fine.  After, he did some work on the project and read a book this evening.  Not much physical movement today but somehow it just seemed like one of those days.  We are grateful that other than the occasional flash of power our hydro has held out until now.  The wind is blowing so hard and a lot of town was without power.  I worry about writing this as I wonder how long it will now take before we lose ours.  Am I pushing our luck?!?


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