November 13, 2020

 Things change so fast.  Today was a good day.  Marlon was full of energy.  His eating was not great but did get better as the day went on.  Marlon completed his toolbox.  He and Thomas were fixing up some final details in the basement and Marlon went up and down the stairs several times.

We walked to the mailbox together.  Going towards the road has been Marlon's favourite for a while.  He had his routine, his rock, his runs.  I go with him now but if he keeps up like this I can see him going back to picking up the mail on his own.

The little table here is littered with origami.  Little mini origami figures.  Seeing how small he can make them, how much he can do with one piece of paper.

He asks about seeing friends but until everyone in our house has completely gotten over the cold I tell him we will keep to ourselves.  He still sniffles a bit and coughs occasionally and I don't want to see the cold getting into his lungs.  Keep getting better!!


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