November 12, 2020

 A peaceful night and a calm day.  Phew.  What a relief!

Marlon felt ok this morning.  He even ate some breakfast.  

Early afternoon, Linsy and I went to Guelph.  Marlon has supplies to make a wooden toolbox so we left him set up with that. After a pleasant time in Guelph running errands with Linsy we arrived home to find Marlon in a good mood.  

He had created more foil figures, attempting hands and fingers.

Origami: four frogs, three fish, and one crane with one piece of paper.  He even tried to make a mini ninja star with the last piece but it was a bit too small.

He sanded the wood for toolbox, to prepare it for assembly.  In the evening, he started screwing the pieces together.

Other than the sanding and some assembly, he didn't do much physical activity today but his energy was definitely not what it has been. He did also struggle with eating and did not get in as much food or drink he should have. As he was getting into bed tonight and moving around to get under the covers I was remembering a couple of weeks ago when small movements like wriggling around in bed were hard for him to do.

Overall a well rounded day with various activities and what little he did eat stayed down.  Can't complain!


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