September 8, 2020

September 8, 2020

Big news today: I was told we may be going home on Thursday!

This news is both scary and exciting at the same time. Sure it will be nice to be home but there is a lot of security having the nurses support as you navigate the meds and stages.

Marlon ate breakfast and felt so sick afterwards he had to lie down and rest.  A couple of hours later he perked up a little bit.  Just an overall unwell feeling, his body is hurting, he feels so sick, and still has pain in his back and one of his legs.

Lunch was pretty exciting for him as it was the second best hospital meal he has eaten here.  He enjoyed it while eating and again didn't feel the best.  He went on the computer for distraction and I met with the social worker to discuss paperwork.  I came back and he was sitting there crying because he felt so unwell.  Then he threw up.  No more of that lunch he enjoyed so much.  They gave him medication for the nausea and he rested.

Dinner was again a meal he likes but he ate it slowly because he didn't want to be sick.  A while after dinner his dad and siblings came for a visit.  His head was pounding so bad that he tried to take Tylenol but gagged it back up.  That has been happening more and more that he is gagging on medication.  After a short visit he wanted to go back inside because he was feeling so unwell.  I rushed inside and he threw up again.

They gave him gravol which has put him to sleep…

If Marlon vomits after a particular food he often has a strong aversion to it.  Hopefully the nausea is kept in check otherwise the list of foods he will eat will decrease quite a bit.

The pain, the discomfort, the nausea, the moods (more pronounced with prednisone), and I see this is a very bumpy stressful road…


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