September 7, 2020

September 7, 2020

Lots of cuddles.

Not the best of days.  The night wasn't that great.  Marlon was pretty restless and didn't sleep in.  He felt bad upon waking, improved a bit, had breakfast and then crashed after that.  Because he had another round of chemo today there were two different drugs before hand to help him deal with it. First was benadryl and that knocks Marlon out.  He dozed on and off while the chemo was administered.  Luckily for me I was distracted by Maria, the child Life support person, so it wasn't quite as devastating to see.  Shortly after 2 I went and got Marlon a Subway sub which he happily ate and then felt so bad again he had to sleep more.

He didn't feel well after waking up.  We tried to go outside a bit but merely being upright was too much.  A bad headache, dizziness, and just an overall unwell feeling.  Couldn't make it off the ward even though Marlon really wanted to.  A bit of supper and snacks and we just hope that tomorrow is a better day!  Going forward this may be what it is:  constant ups and downs!

Marlon and I are so touched by the generosity out there.  Overwhelmed!  We have had several discussions about  the amazing outpouring of support and love.  It is challenging to receive!  Not sure I feel I deserve it.  Marlon just wants to give to others.  We are starting a 'pay it forward' list for when he is well and healthy again.  He has always has been a compassionate, helping person and being in this situation has deepened his desire to do right and good by others.


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