September 6, 2020

September 6, 2020

How silly of me to wake up expecting today to be another day like yesterday.

The day started off well.  Marlon sleeps in until after 9.  We have a cuddle for a bit and then he is happy to eat breakfast.  Then the pain in his back/waist starts up again. He also has a bit of a headache.  Try to get him to move a bit but he isn't ready until after pain meds.

Kelsey, the nurse for today tells us there is a private room that has come available.  If we don't want it the patient coming in tonight will get it.  Until now we have had a semi private to ourselves, view of hospital, another ward.  We go look at the other room and like the view.  Sure we are right on the main road but not far away are trees and the hill.  AND a big plus is the fan in the room is not quite so loud.

Marlon pushes his own IV pole today and does a couple of trips back and forth between the rooms carrying some things over.  We already have too much!!

Then he sits down and complains his headache is pretty bad.  After sitting for a bit it eases a little and he sees the Subway across the street and really wants food from there.  So far he has not liked the hospital food at all!

Sure, we can do that tomorrow. For now I move things back and forth and Marlon rests.  We decide to watch a movie and eat lunch.  After a couple of bites he can't eat.  To him the food is the problem but I know it isn't the food.  He just needs to rest and feels horrible. They try medication and after a while he has a few carrot pieces dipped in hummus but that doesn't work either.  Not even liquids and the movie isn't one he likes.  Though we do finish the movie he is uncomfortable.  After the movie he naps.

It almost feels like contortion to try and extricate myself from a sleeping child but parents know what that is like.

A while after his nap he perks up a bit and then supper is a success.  The first meal since we arrived he  enjoys.  He is so happy to really enjoy a meal.

Afterwards I convince him to go outside for a bit.  He walks some but mostly rides in the wheelchair.  I take him to 'our' tree. The oak tree that sheltered us during the big cut, that the boys fertilized and where we left a gift of a small handful of Marlon's hair. We walked barefoot in the grass and sat at the base of the tree for a while.  Felt so good.

The rest is the evening went peacefully and smooth.  Such a rollercoaster!


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