September 4, 2020

September 4, 2020

Oh my gosh.  

I hear all the names of the drugs to be pumped into my child and I think 'wow!'.  He's never even had tylenol until we got to the hospital.  Soo overwhelming.

And yes the treatment is about to begin and I know that but when the two nurses roll into the room, one wearing a plastic gown and goggles, and start inspecting the syringes to make sure they have the right poison.  It is real.  Chemo has begun and I cry and cry but try not to let Marlon see the emotion.  I have to excuse myself to go into the washroom so I can let the tears out.  

So many things pumped into Marlon.  One thing after another.

This evening Thomas, Paco, and Linsy came for a visit.  Marlon was allowed out in a wheelchair.  We went and sat at a bench under an oak tree and chatted and hung out.  Marlon got healthy snacks from dad: fresh pea sprouts and a fresh garden carrot. Then Thomas took out the scissors, did the deed, and we all cried.  And cried

So much emotion


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