September 26, 2020

 September 26, 2020

When the day starts the same as the past few have, I wonder what I would ever have to say without repeating myself again and again.

Breakfast and he doesn't want to eat but he does just enough to get his pills down.  He just wants to cuddle in bed. No energy, no appetite. I feel bad as if I am the one that is making him suffer.  Shouldn't a mother be able to help her child with something other than cuddles.  I guess not.  As anyone knows sometimes you can't make it better but it is a good opportunity to just BE.  Support 

However Marlon did have lunch and perked up a bit after eating.  Thomas and I were talking and Marlon walked into the room with a few strands of hair in his hand saying that as he was running his hand through his hair they painlessly came out.  And I was beginning to hope hair loss may not happen.

My brother, Peter, and sister, Moira, were coming for a visit.  He liked that idea.  He decided Moira would help him make apple crumble and she did.  Peter and I went outside and helped Thomas with the greenhouse.  They left for a while and drove Linsy to her boyfriend's house and Marlon rested and had computer time.  Peter and Moira had dinner here and though Marlon was exhausted afterwards I could tell how much he enjoyed the company and the visit and the distraction.  A semblance of normalcy.  Much needed for all of us sometimes.

I heard Marlon insisting once again that he doesn't need stuff or gifts or things.  He knows he has many people backing him and his family by his side. That is enough.


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