September 2, 2020

September 2, 2020

Finally some sleep.  Never without interruptions but sleep nonetheless.  Awaken several times in the night.  Sometimes to check signs and then for another shot of morphine.  It doesn't take long for the blotchy red areas to grow on his neck and into face.  Ali stops the drip and administers benadryl to stop reaction.  Second reaction so it is decided he is allergic to morphine.  The benadryl puts him to sleep.

In the morning he is allowed no food and only a couple of sips of water until 10.  They also start him on another pain medication and he slept for several stretches. 

Around 1130 he hobbles across the room to the waiting porter and wheelchair.He gets wheeled down for an ECG.  He is close to being ready for more pain help so his legs are bothering him and he is very uncomfortable with the probe on his chest.  

By the time we get back to the room he is panting from the pain.  And he wants a drink. 

Not long then until the operation though to Marlon it feels so long because he so wants some water and he is so very scared.  He doesn't believe he will sleep and not feel pain.  So scared the medication to put him under will not work as he feels so many other times it has not. Crying and nervous and disagreeing with anesthetist.  Because he is so distraught they give him extra stuff to calm him.  Two hours later the bone marrow has been collected for testing and the central line port had been inserted.  Marlon is very slow to wake up.  One hole, and a 2cm incision for the port. This allows IV to hook into a main vein. The unit in his hand is detached and the drip is attached to the port on his chest.  Sleep and rest. No appetite but he finally had a drink.


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