September 1, 2020

September 1, 2020

By 5am we are being settled into Marlon's room.  A double room but the other bed is empty. 

Every time in the night Marlon was just about to relax and not be overtaken by the pain there seemed to be another interruption.  After the transfer Marlon was in pain and so thirsty so no sleep just lots of tears and restlessness.  They thought he may be having operation so no food or drink.  No operation today and he drinks and eats a bit

Blood is taken to confirm what type of leukemia.

Marlon is given Tylenol for pain and then morphine.  I am shocked. He is sleepy but it does help with the pain.

 In the afternoon we speak with the doctor, Thomas and Linsy via speaker phone.  The leukemia type is Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), the most common form of childhood leukemia.  Treatment will be chemotherapy.  I am shocked when i see later that if left untreated it can be fatal within months. I don't necessarily use the C word with Marlon but simply his blood is sick.

Often I will sit in the bed and Marlon will sit back against me or I will sit beside him.

In the evening getting close to sleeping time I think I see bright blotchy redness around his shirt line.  A while later I notice it has spread quite a bit and his ears are bright red.  Call the nurse and she decides it must be a reaction to the morphine.  He is given benadryl and doctor is called.  At this time Mar is ok and doc says it should be fine to try again.  The benadryl puts Marlon to sleep


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