October 7, 2020

Another rough night for Marlon with cramping and pain and several bowel movements throughout.  Luckily after 5 this morning things calmed down and he slept until 9.

A quiet morning.  The chemo round was fast and though Marlon wasn't feeling great he has had much worse.  I got him to walk around a little bit.  

In the early afternoon he was disconnected from the IV as it was only for liquids and that can go through the NG tube if he won't drink, which he won't.

Mindy and Tori, the physio ladies, came by and had Marlon peddle around on the tricycle.

Marlon has been plucking his hair out by the handfuls.  It makes me think of the way one might pick at a pimple or peel skin after a sunburn.  Even though so much has already come out he still had a decent head of hair.  But because it was everywhere Marlon decided to have Maria come by with the clippers.  He actually enjoyed the process saying it was soothing and the vibration of the clippers on his head felt good.

Peter came by and even though Marlon was not enthusiastic we took him outside to the oak tree.  It was pretty windy and he didn't want to hang out so it wasn't for long.  Shortly after we came back, Laurie came to speak with him, so Peter and I went out for a walk.  Peter stayed for supper and a movie. Even Marlon ate a little bit (I picked up some pickles and Peter brought some crackers along). It was a pretty full day again and Marlon was tired.  He didn't have any laxative type things before bed so I am really hoping he sleeps long and deep.  That hasn't happened in a long while.  We will see!

1.Tricycle ride

2.Enjoying the buzz cut - Marlon loved running his hands through his friend Keagan's hair after he had a short cut

3.Hanging out with Peter

4.Before the cut: A handful of hair.


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