October 6, 2020

 Another hospital day.  In some ways it feels 'ho-hum' and yet it typically isn't.  By the time Marlon throws up several times, new chemo starts up and several team members visit it is not a quiet, 'lonely' day.

Once again Marlon didn't sleep much.  I sometimes wonder how he survives the days.  Lots of abdominal cramping in the night along with several trips to the washroom to continue the bowel emptying process.  Again he wants my hands on his abdomen to ease the pain so I find a way to sleep beside him with my hands on him until he tells me we need to go to the washroom again.

Morning comes and he isn't even disconnected from the drip before he throws up the first time.  Then they start with the chemo again.  Two different ones put into the IV and then one more in the evening via the NG tube.

Nurses, nurse practitioners, child life specialist, physio, social worker, and then also because they are concerned about his mental health (anxiety/ depression) a visit for talking with another nurse practitioner.  This last visit is not for labels but to acknowledge feelings and to put coping strategies in place.

Before our journey began,when I heard of chemo, I didn't realize what it was.  I did not realize it was a drug typically dripped into the veins.  And I sure didn't realize how many chemo drugs there are!  You hear of someone getting chemo.  One size fits all?  Not even close.  So far in the past month Marlon has had at least 8 (possibly more) different kinds of chemo drugs in his system!

Today he is a little bit stronger.  His back and abdomen are still uncomfortable but he is walking a little stronger and has some animation in his voice. There is hope.

He is not eating or drinking but at least with the tube he is getting something which will bring some strength back.  

Hair, hair everywhere.  I have a shedding son.  My family has been known to find hairs in their food but my hair loss is nothing compared to Marlon's.  Because he has so much hair you don't really notice it unless you are looking for it.  

I did try to convince Marlon to let me take him outside today but he felt the bouncing and jarring of the wheelchair would be too uncomfortable.  And I couldn't argue with that one so later in the afternoon while he had computer time I went out for a walk myself.


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