October 29, 2020

 Marlon woke up the morning and needed to use the washroom.  Good thing he did as Paco was late getting up for work.  I woke him up just as his alarm clock went off (set for wrong time). The usual morning nausea for Marlon.  I am surprised he still feels sick in the morning since treatment has temporarily stopped.

The origami butterfly had him stumped yesterday.  We each did one today.

After lunch Keagan came for a visit.  We went for a walk and then they hung out for a while.  Es and I collected greens and talked.  

Two days in a row we had visitors.  What a treat.

Marlon is always tired by the evening but thank goodness he is sleeping well.  This evening he was quite emotional with a lot of tears.  He feels he has lost so much.  Lost a lot he holds dear, his physical strength, endurance, flexibility, and speed.  He thinks ahead and sees more treatment, more discomfort.  While I tried to remind him how far he has come and that he can be like he was before, he was feeling quite disheartened.  So sad to see and once again I am reminded that while I am here with him I really don't know what it is like to be inside his body or his head.  I know so little of what it is really like for him. I want to let him have his emotions and I want to make it all better.

Before I started on supper tonight we went outside and took human/tree photos for Moira's birthday today.  A bit late getting around to it and Paco wasn't available.


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