October 28, 2020

 I am surprised how much Marlon walked today!

In the morning he finished the audiobook he started yesterday and then almost immediately restarted it. He did some math work, quite a while since he has done any schoolwork. He also did some more origami while listening to his book.

I figured I better get him moving so I convinced him to walk to the mailbox with me (return trip just over 1/2 km).  

Later in the afternoon, a friend came to visit.  We all stayed outside together and walked a fair bit before Marlon and Ariadne plunked themselves on the ground to draw together.

When we got back inside he was still ok.  Watched videos and played Minecraft.  Supper, relaxing, and bed.

An amazingly full day and he wasn't nearly as zapped as he has been previously.  What a difference: having no chemo and rebuilding.

For my part when I had a chance I listened to the music of Buffy Sainte-Marie.  After finishing the book I am inspired to hear more of her work. Strong messages and a beautiful voice...  


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