October 24, 2020

Once again Marlon was feeling quite sick when he woke up.  So nauseous that he did throw up and he hadn't eaten anything yet.  And he had gone so long (over a week) without throwing up.  Oh well.  The rest of the day though went fairly smooth.

He didn't do or move much.  I totally understand that when you are into a good book there can be little motivation to do much else.  His legs still hurt him a bit.

At one point he dropped a few cds on the floor.  He asked me to get them for him because he can't bend over.  I made him pick them up himself.  I do see he is expecting help and not even trying.  I was remembering the time before he entered the hospital and were going to doctor's office in mall and I knew how much pain he was in.  I thought it might be nice if we could borrow a wheelchair.  He scoffed at the idea.  He wasn't that bad.  Getting the diagnosis have him the permission to give up pretences.

Midday, I asked him if he wanted to join me to split some kindling.  He said he wasn't strong enough.  He could possibly pick up the axe but wouldn't be able to swing it.  I can just imagine him swinging the axe over his head and falling over backwards.  Someday he will be stronger again.

In the afternoon we went and harvested more potatoes and Marlon came along and helped.  He won't get down to the ground but again I handed him the potatoes and he put them in the bucket.  He lasted a little while before he said he needed to go inside as his legs hurt too much.  And that was about the extent of his exercise for the day.  I think tomorrow I will make an effort to get him to move a bit more.  He can and he needs to rebuild his strength.

I was puttering in the kitchen and Marlon went to go brush his teeth and get ready for bed.  As he was getting into bed I remembered his last med for the day.  I told him he should have reminded me and he pointed out my job right now is to take care of him and it is my job to remember.  Touché.


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