October 21, 2020

 Marlon woke up on his own this morning so a little bit less grumpy.  Instead of eating breakfast though, he sat and wiggled a loose tooth.  No way he could eat with a loose tooth.  Playing with the tooth and talking away about how loose it is and it wasn't that loose yesterday.  We rushed out the door as soon as Louise got here so that we could give Linsy a drive to school rather than her walking in the pouring rain.  Marlon couldn't eat in the car because of the motion.

Sometimes there is a line up to get into the hospital.  There are two booths where the employees do the regular covid screening and verify your 'right' to be in the hospital (inpatient or appointment or whatever).  We typically don't answer the same questions every time because we are going so often.  Today the line up was a bit delayed but then we got in, and the elevator was ready for us.  We checked in at the clinic and went in and that is where all the people were.  Never have we seen it so full.  Not too long of a wait and Judy administered the chemo.  First though, she had to go find some ice cream to help Marlon take a pill.  The chemo was put in through the port and off we went.  Home around 1130 (after getting Subway again!!)

 I do see the benefits of yesterday's transfusion. Today was the first visit that Marlon was not in a wheelchair.  I often get him to do some walking but he prefers to ride.  Nice to see that accomplishment.  He is more chatty in general and opening up a bit with the nurses.  Getting up the stairs up to the house when we got home he didn't need as much help.  He was able to lie down on the floor to do some exercises (with much prodding) and get back up again.  He was telling me he needed help to get up but he did just fine on his own.

He sat down on the floor to play a game of battleship with Paco.  Not so long ago that was too much.

Dinner was brought to us.  A nice treat and Marlon ate well.

Back again in the morning and I am anticipating another short visit but I know things can and do change on a dime.  I am pleased to have a positive day.


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