October 18, 2020

Trying a new barricade to keep the cat out tonight.  Not a restful night.  He jumped up again and again.  Then I heard him settle elsewhere and thought 'Phew, now I can fall asleep'.  I hadn't even fallen back to sleep when I heard Marlon's voice, 'Mom, my head is hurting so much.  Can you please come lie with me?'  And that is how I spent the rest of the night.  We did both sleep, and I still had to turn the cat away several more times.  And yes, the headache persisted throughout the day.  Worse when he moves so he didn't move too much.

Paco visited with a friend yesterday and they gave Marlon a big pumpkin.  He was soo excited about the size of it.

Es had been planning on dropping by for about a month and one thing after another has stopped the visit.  With Marlon's headache we almost cancelled but he really wanted to see Keagan.  So the two boys that haven't seen each other in so long had a relatively distanced visit playing the Switch together.

Es brought along some gift bags that others had dropped off, and Marlon was thrilled unpack, and check out their contents.

He did get so much more.  What a full day for him.  Good to have the distraction.  I didn't push for a walk for him today partially because of the rain outside and also knowing his headache is so much worse when he is moving.  I sure hope he sleeps better tonight and his head is not pounding tomorrow. As uncomfortable as his head is, he was saying he can tolerate this pain better than the pain he has had in the past.  Not easy but easier than the piercing, stabbing pain. 


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