October 17, 2020

That darn cat!!  At least three times in the night I was awoken as he wormed himself onto the bed with Marlon. There is one spot that isn't very well protected against his advances, and Mojo uses it well.  I have a crinkly plastic bag there.  In the middle of the night I wondered what that noise was.  By the time I figured it out and got to Marlon's bed the cat was happily purring and snuggling up against a human body. I think partially because Marlon is so weak, the cat pushing against him is very uncomfortable.  The other morning he cried out loud as the cat  climbed on his chest and it hurt.  Mojo kept trying.  I did get used to the noise and was then just shooing him away.  Here he is capturing the patch is sun.

At least Marlon slept well and I did too other than those interruptions.  Last night I thought that Marlon's headache was gone but it was not.  Just much worse when he is moving and walking around.  Sometimes if he is sitting quietly he feels like it is gone but then realizes it is still there.  Hopefully he will be headache-free soon!

The latest audiobook he got is in cd form and, while we do have a CD player, I thought a portable one would be nice for the car rides.  Louise just happened to have one (from her daughter) that she let Marlon use.  She also dropped off freezes for him the other day when she came to pick us up.

Overall a positive day.  While Marlon did feel a bit nauseous upon waking this morning, he ate well all day with no vomiting. I brought him outside for a short walkabout and he even went further than I expected him to.  Getting back into the house he still needs help getting up the stairs.  Quite a bit of help as his legs aren't strong enough to get up the steps and his arms aren't strong enough to pull.  I hold onto both hands and pull.  I trust he will continue to get stronger.

I am appreciating the quiet. The hospital was never quiet.  Even in the middle of the night there was always at least the loud whir of the fan in the room.  Tonight, Paco and Linsy are out, and they are not at all loud, but two less bodies in the house makes a difference.  Of course while Marlon was hospitalized they noticed a big difference as well.  Far less chattering.  Even on the worst days, there are always plenty of things to appreciate.  Today was a calm day with a smooth peacefulness.


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