October 14, 2020

 A beautiful day for a drive. Thank goodness, because the first part of the day was all about that.  Time in traffic and then a slight detour, the scenic route, to get to the hospital.  The visit was so fast! Went in, she pumped the chemo into Marlon, we said he would prefer not to have the tube put back in, he was weighed and we were let go.  Back tomorrow.  Again Louise took the scenic route home, to avoid the troublesome intersection.  Bright sunny day, beautiful trees in all their fall splendor.

The decision not to have the tube reinserted came early in the morning.  Marlon was dreading it but bound and determined to have it in so he wouldn't have to deal with all the pills.  At this particular time he isn't taking as many pills as he had been.  When I explained to him how many pills, he eventually realized the discomfort from the tube is not worth it for 3-6 pills a day.  As long as he is eating and drinking sufficiently the team is fine for him to be without.  All the hassle of the tube: the supplies, changing medication to liquid form, getting the formula and administering it, the learning curve,...  As treatment continues there may be times when Marlon needs it again.

It was nice to have the afternoon at home.  Marlon was happy with his books and I did several things in the kitchen including making pumpkin pie.  Peter was around to help later in the afternoon and he really has been a big help in so many ways.  We will miss him when he leaves.  I still have extra things lying around from this whole thing that need to find homes, and be tidied away.  A work in progress.

By this evening Marlon had a very bad headache.  I really feel for him.  I don't know but am guessing it has to do with the chemo.  I did ask him if he wanted pain stuff and he firmly said NO but I really wish he didn't have to suffer so.


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