Septmeber 20, 2020

 September 20, 2020

I could get used to days like this!

Breakfast was smooth.  Paco made eggs for everyone.  Marlon took his pills without too much fuss.  As long as we take lots of breaks he can get them down.  Sometimes it does look very close whether they will stay down or come up.

I puttered and tidied a bit this morning and Marlon rested.  He was comfortable enough on his own but not really feeling great.

In the afternoon a friend stopped by with his mom and brought some toys.  The boys played quietly for almost an hour.  A big deal for Marlon to be upright that long.  A nice treat for him too.  Hoping to set up a couple more times with friends.

As per his request we picked up Thai food for dinner.  After eating Marlon even had the brain power to do some division questions for math.

Then the 5 of us played cards (Uno) together.  Nice to have a semi-normal day.

Marlon's appetite is out of control but his desire to drink is non-existent.  Regular struggles to get him to drink anything.  He gets upset and says he is not thirsty at all.

Linsy called it the other day when Marlon pulled the 'C' card.  Trying to get his way or commenting on something but using his condition as a factor.  

He is not looking forward to the next couple of days.  I have an appointment in the morning so will be gone for a couple of hours and Tuesday is the long car ride.  I have to believe the next car ride will be more smooth!


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