September13, 2020

 September 13. 2020

Moving his arms and legs, doing simple, repetitive exercises. Another first!  

Overall, not quite as hyper as yesterday but still happy and chatty.

Marlon has been eating well again today.  He enjoyed his regs with breakfast and I bought him his wrap for lunch. Still using ice cream to get his pills down but he is less stressed and anxious.

Just before lunch, he was told that as long as he can continue to drink lots of liquids he can be disconnected from his IV.  Much more freedom. 

I got him outside for a while.  Unfortunately, Marlon really does not want to be out for too long.  Some beautiful trees on the university property!  We sat at the base of a tree for a while and then I pushed him around for a bit.

One of the resident doctors has played Mario Cart on the borrowed hospital Switch with Marlon a couple of times.  So today I went out for a walk myself and when I came back Dr Kevin was just finishing up playing a game with him. Marlon is so happy if he can beat others.

This evening Marlon had a male nurse, Will, who also took some time to play Mario Cart (and build a paper airplane) with him as well.

Going to bed tonight Marlon is sore and achy and feels like good food is still in his throat.  He is thinking it is just because he is tired and needs sleep.  Sure hope so!

Outside their room each patient has their name typed up with the picture of their choice.  The following picture is Marlon's progression of the almost two weeks he has been in the hospital.


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