September 28, 2020

September 28, 2020

Marlon was saying today that it has been over two months since he has has a day free of pain.  Today is the 4 week mark of his diagnosis.

Last night was a bad one for Marlon.  Though he let me have some sleep, he got up grumpy and tired saying he hardly slept all night.  He wanted croissants and maple breakfast sausage but we didn't have any. The day never really improved.  Discomfort, pain, tired.  Poor guy!

He did his usual of back and forth from bed to chair.  He read, he listened to book and played some Minecraft.  In the afternoon I had him take a proper bath rather than just a sponge bath.  He won't take a shower because he doesn't want to stand too long.  I had to help him into the tub and it was shocking to me to see him fully naked.  He is so skinny.  And then to stand up from tub he needs help as well.  At least he got properly cleaned.

I don't think I mentioned it but the other day when he was making the apple crumble with Moira, he leaned over to pick up a piece of apple off the ground and just toppled over.  I wasn't there but it sounds like that is what happened.

Around supper time his back started hurting quite a bit and then spasms in his stomach.  It took a while for him to eat anything but he did.  He has been asking for homemade chicken noodle soup for a while.

Back for another hospital appointment tomorrow.  Just a checkup, no specific treatment.  I realized this evening that Marlon doesn't know that is what is happening tomorrow.  I decided not to say anything in the hopes he will sleep better. Thursday's appointment is the one I am concerned about (sedation).  But there are still two more days before we need to concern ourselves with that.

Marlon is going through this the best he can but there are those times when he loses his temper and starts yelling at me or is rude.  I can't say I blame him.  It is exhausting.



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