September 27, 2020

 September 27, 2020

Another morning that starts pretty slow for Marlon with little appetite.  Paco made us eggs, but now Marlon has decided he is done with eggs again.  Darn!

I see him blaming food for making him feel unwell when I think the problem is not what he eats.

I lay with him for a bit. We finished watching a movie we started the other day. I did some other things for a bit and then his appetite returns.  The middle of the day, pill-free time. He ate all sorts of things.

We knew Peter and Moira would return for supper again bringing Thai food.  They did, and after pill time we ate together.  Then we looked at Linsy's pictures from her trip out West.  She came back the day before Marlon was admitted to hospital so I hadn't had a chance before.

Marlon was just quietly doing his own thing, drawing and lying down.  As much as he enjoys the visits they are a lot for him.

Sometimes throughout the day he gets quite flushed and says he feels very hot.  I am glad that there is no fever attached to those feelings. When I think of how many fevers (almost constant) he had before he started treatment I cringe.  I always thought of fevers as a healing thing - your body's way of dealing with infection or sickness.

Marlon likes the fall.  His favourite colours have been red and black (I say 'have been' because things and tastes are always changing).  He says that when the leaves turn red he sees his colour in nature.  Just realizing now his connection with red and that he has a blood sickness…  interesting how life works!


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