September 25, 2020

 September 25, 2020

Definitely feeling the effects of yesterday's treatment.

No energy and he just trips back and forth between his chair and the bed.  At the beginning of treatment, Marlon needed a lot of cuddle time.  Then not so much.  Today he keeps asking for cuddles and that means me leaning back on the bed and Marlon between my legs, his head back on my chest.  For longer periods.  I ask if I can get up and he just mumbles an 'unh unh' (aka NO, not sure spelling of it).

Definitely the most lethargic he has been lately.  Not even the energy to talk, with eyes at half mast if they are open at all. No appetite, no fantasizing about all the foods he wants to eat.

I feel for him yet I also forget and try to be enthusiastic or suggest we do something and I just get the blank look.

I noticed both last night and this morning how common place his vomiting is.  He was sitting next to me, just barely finished throwing up and I was eating.  This morning he threw up part way through taking the pills and I took a closer look while dumping it in case I could see any pills.  Neither of these would have happened not that long ago.  I would have been feeling equally as nauseous myself!

He did manage to eat dinner and kept his pills down. 

I am hoping the further away we get from his last treatment the better he will feel.  I guess we will see what kind of a day tomorrow is…


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