September 22, 2020

September 22, 2020

The drive went surprisingly smooth to and from hospital. As soon as we got in the car Marlon put on his headphones and listened to his audiobook.  I can imagine again just the two of us going to hospital together but he still wants me in back seat with him.  Thomas drove us today.  Getting a ride from CASHH on Thursday.

Three hours we were in hospital. At one point Marlon was crying and yelling at me that he is so tired of being poked and hurt.  They tell him it won't hurt much but to him, it is very painful. First thing when we get there he goes to 'finger poke lab' where they do just that and collect blood to test it. Then we go to clinic and Marlon gets an overall check as well as vitals, and weight. Because he is feeling so bad they were thinking to connect his port (a more painful poke and that is when he had his fit) to check more blood levels and rehydrate. Luckily for Marlon the main thing the doctor wanted to check (his glucose) had been checked with the finger poke blood so we were good to go.  Thursday will be more chemo and likely an even longer visit.

Overall, looking back at the day, it went pretty well.  Marlon drank a bit better than he has been.  He had the concentration to listen to an audiobook and also read a different book for a while.  I would say the worst he felt was at hospital.

He didn't 'need' too much from me but when I was going to take the recycling to the road he wanted me to drive rather than walk so I would be back sooner.  I did walk and he was fine.

Once again I am remembering we all have our challenges and we make the best of it.  Each day is a roller coaster with lots of ups and downs.  While Marlon is looking ahead to Thursday and anticipating the worst I am sure there will be something that puts a smile on his face (and mine!).



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